Artisti / Kacey Musgraves

Artisti /
Kacey Musgraves


Kacey Musgraves

Deeper Well

Cardinal Picture Disc



Versione Esclusiva stampata su Vinile Picture Disc.

Lato A

  1. Cardinal 
  2. Deeper Well 
  3. Too Good to be True 
  4. Moving Out 
  5. Giver / Taker 
  6. Sway 
  7. Dinner with Friends 


Lato B

  1. Heart of the Woods 
  2. Jade Green 
  3. The Architect 
  4. Lonely Millionaire 
  5. Heaven Is 
  6. Anime Eyes 
  7. Nothing to be Scared Of
L'album del 2024 Deeper Well di Kacey Musgraves è stampato su un vinile picture disc disegnato a mano.